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My Guardian Angels 单翼天使

My Guardian Angels 单翼天使 - EP30

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 04 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

Mandy gets into a car accident but survives. For Xie Ning's sake, Dong Yu chooses to leave and work overseas, Mandy is unable to forget him. Miao Miao actively fights against her cancer, Xie Ying gives birth to a girl after her marriage with Gui Qiang. Si Jin and Kai Wei enter the marriage hall with many blessings, but receives a message that there is an earthquake in Sichuan where Dong Yu is... Mandy发生车祸,幸好大难不死。东宇为了谢宁,选择离开,出国工作,Mandy对他无法忘怀。淼淼积极抗癌,谢颖和贵强婚后产下一女。思今和凯威步入结婚礼堂,众人祝贺之际,却传来四川发生地震的消息,而东宇正好在当地工作……。

My Guardian Angels 单翼天使
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