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My Fair Princess 还珠格格

My Fair Princess 还珠格格 - EP24

46 Min
Mature Themes

By meWATCH Published: 30 Sep 2020 Audio: Chinese

Xia Ziwei and her maid Jinsuo travel from Jinan to the Qing Empire capital Beijing, in an effort to meet her father, the Qianlong Emperor, Ziwei and Jinsuo meet adventuress Xiaoyanzi. Then, the two girls become sworn sisters. Qianlong Emperor mistakes the unconscious Xiaoyanzi for his and Xia Yuhe's daughter, she is given the title ""Princess Huanzhu"". Yongqi, Fu Erkang and his brother Fu Ertai bring Ziwei and Jinsuo into the Forbidden City as imperial maids. Qianlong Emperor becomes impressed with Ziwei and decides to take her as well as Xiaoyanzi and Yongqi on a private trip outside of Beijing, dressed as civilians.But then the emperor is shocked and particularly angry that Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei, two girls he trust the most, have tricked him. Xiaoyanzi, Ziwei and Jinsuo are all imprisoned. Yongqi, Erkang and Ertai risk their lives and break into the jail to free the girls. At the same time, Qianlong Emperor realizes how much he loves Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei and decides to release them, but is furious after discovering that they had already escaped. After briefly on the run, the friends decide to return to the Forbidden City. Qianlong Emperor is heartbroken to learn that the three girls were tortured in prison. He forgives all of them and accepts both Ziwei and Xiaoyanzi as his daughters. The story concludes with a ceremony, during which Ziwei is proclaimed ""Princess Mingzhu"" (""Princess Bright Pearl""), and Qianlong Emperor announcing the engagements between Xiaoyanzi and Yongqi, Ziwei and Erkang, and Ertai and Saiya. 乾隆得知永琪竟率人去劫宗人府之事后暴跳如雷,立即吩咐福伦带兵寻回众人。不料福伦尚未出城,便见到驾着马车准备回宫的一行人。福伦直觉其中必有隐情,因而立即带着众人去见乾隆。众人在见了乾隆後苦苦哀求,乾隆想到了这一切事物的发生起点均出於当年自己对夏雨荷的情不自禁,终於态度软化,原谅了众人,也认了紫薇。但当乾隆决定将滥用私刑的皇后关入宗人府时,永琪、紫薇等人竟还纷纷替皇后求情,令乾隆惊讶不已、只得作罢。乾隆虽认了紫薇,也免了小燕子的死罪,但尔康和塞娅的婚事却无法取消。尔泰为帮助尔康、刻意陪着塞娅游山玩水、比武论试,终使塞娅改变心意,执意非尔泰不嫁。在众人的期待下,乾隆下旨封紫薇为“明珠格格”,许配尔康;小燕子改封“还珠郡主”许配永琪,西藏公主塞娅则许配尔泰,“还珠格格”这件乌龙公案,终於欢喜圆满落幕,但这群年青人们的故事,却永远不会轻易结束。

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