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My Fair Princess S2 还珠格格 2

My Fair Princess S2 还珠格格 2 - EP48

46 Min
Mature Themes

By meWATCH Published: 30 Sep 2020 Audio: Chinese

Xia Ziwei and her maid Jinsuo travel from Jinan to the Qing Empire capital Beijing, in an effort to meet her father, the Qianlong Emperor, Ziwei and Jinsuo meet adventuress Xiaoyanzi. Then, the two girls become sworn sisters. Qianlong Emperor mistakes the unconscious Xiaoyanzi for his and Xia Yuhe's daughter, she is given the title ""Princess Huanzhu"". Yongqi, Fu Erkang and his brother Fu Ertai bring Ziwei and Jinsuo into the Forbidden City as imperial maids. Qianlong Emperor becomes impressed with Ziwei and decides to take her as well as Xiaoyanzi and Yongqi on a private trip outside of Beijing, dressed as civilians.But then the emperor is shocked and particularly angry that Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei, two girls he trust the most, have tricked him. Xiaoyanzi, Ziwei and Jinsuo are all imprisoned. Yongqi, Erkang and Ertai risk their lives and break into the jail to free the girls. At the same time, Qianlong Emperor realizes how much he loves Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei and decides to release them, but is furious after discovering that they had already escaped. After briefly on the run, the friends decide to return to the Forbidden City. Qianlong Emperor is heartbroken to learn that the three girls were tortured in prison. He forgives all of them and accepts both Ziwei and Xiaoyanzi as his daughters. The story concludes with a ceremony, during which Ziwei is proclaimed ""Princess Mingzhu"" (""Princess Bright Pearl""), and Qianlong Emperor announcing the engagements between Xiaoyanzi and Yongqi, Ziwei and Erkang, and Ertai and Saiya. 会宾楼重新热闹开张,箫剑和乾隆间的仇恨也在慢慢了解中退去,箫剑也总算认识了有人情味的皇帝,皇后与容嬷嬷此番是痛定思痛,听闻紫薇和小燕子即将举行婚礼,两人连夜赶工为小燕子、紫薇细心缝制新娘装,而小燕子也不计前嫌的原谅了皇后与容嬷嬷,婚礼当天皇宫里张灯结彩,尤其漱芳斋是一阵忙乱,轰轰烈烈的爱情果然也有惊心动魄的婚礼,两位新郎倌竟然娶错了新娘。

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