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My Daughters' Three 芳华满一家

My Daughters' Three 芳华满一家 - EP25

41 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Sep 2020 Audio: Chinese

Zhiming and Honghong have a violent quarrel after Anni's suicide attempt. He accuses her of not raising a finger to save Anni and angrily demands a divorce. Honghong's father and sisters try to talk some sense into Zhiming but he refuses to forgive his wife. When Yang Dong chides him for being unfaithful, he storms off. Mrs Chen, who owns an exclusive jewellery shop in Hong Kong, is Anni's godmother. When she learns of Anni's plight, she decides to help bring Zhiming and her together. On the pretext of recommending a business to Zhiming, Mrs Chen arranges for him to fly to Hong Kong. Then she sends Anni there too. She assures Anni that once Zhiming has spent some time together with her, he will definitely divorce his wife. Honghong meets with Anni after Zhiming has left for Hong Kong. Anni refuses to give up on Zhiming. She points out that Honghong is trying to hold on to a love-less marriage. Honghong, however, does not care whether or not her husband loves her. She is content just to be with him. But her pleas and tears fail to move Anni. With Mrs Chen's help, Zhiming manages to clinch an important deal in Hong Kong. Before long, Anni arrives. She spends every day with him. Yang Dong makes a long distance phone call to Hong Kong to beg his son-in-law to return to Honghong's side. Zhiming's conscience troubles him and he avoids speaking to his father-in-law. Yang Dong decides to fly to Hong Kong to confront Zhiming. Honghong points out that if Zhiming does not love her, then there is no point in salvaging the marriage. Zhiming calls from Hong Kong to tell him wife that he will be returning the following Wednesday. He has decided to go ahead with the divorce. In fact, he has already made an appointment with the lawyer. Honghong is shattered by the news. Yang Dong flies to Hong Kong to try to dissuade Zhiming from divorcing Honghong. He reminds Zhiming of how she had gone through thick and thin with him and warns him that once the initial flush of love has faded, he may not be able to adapt to Anni's lifestyle. Yang Dong's words cause Zhiming to consider the consequences of his decision. Zhiming flies back to Singapore with Anni. On his way to the lawyer's office, he meets the jeweller, Mr Li. The latter happens to mention how Honghong had exchanged her favourite piece of jade for an antique watch to give to Zhiming. Zhiming realises how deeply Honghong loves him. He also awakens to the fact that he loves her too. Honghong is stunned to learn about Zhiming's change of heart. He declares that even though he loves Anni, he loves her even more. The couple is reconciled. A few years later, Honghong gives birth to her first child Yufu. Life becomes even more blissful for the young couple. One day, Zhiming finds out that Jiachang has lost his fortune in the latest stock market crash. Honghong angrily declares that it serves the playboy right. She is surprised when her sister stops her from further abusing Jiachang. Shanshan is so happy in her second marriage that she no longer bears a grudge towards Jiachang. Yang Dong and his family run into Jiachang one day. Shanshan does not reveal to her ex-husband that Youhou is his son. Later, Zongren questions her about it. She feels that there is no point in complicating matters since her son already has a father who loves him.

My Daughters' Three 芳华满一家
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