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My Ambulance 我的救护车 (Dual Sound)

My Ambulance 我的救护车 (Dual Sound) - EP4

46 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel U Published: 20 May 2020 Audio: Chinese;Thai

Tantawan is suddenly frozen in her movements when she is preparing a meal. The kitchen catches fire, but Tantawan is unable to save herself. Both Peng and Chalan hear her cries for help, but Chalan appears before Tantawan first. 塔达婉烹饪到一半突然又慌神。厨房起火,但塔达婉却动弹不得。塔达婉求救,普鹏和查兰都听到,两人同时出发去营救,但不出普鹏所料,查兰比他早一步到达。

My Ambulance 我的救护车 (Dual Sound)
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