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Move On 放下

Move On 放下 - EP3

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 23 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Local female artist Michelle Tay has been known for her merrymaker on - screen image since debut. She was obese since young due to hereditary reasons. Obesity drastically affected her self - confidence. The turning point came when she finally accepted herself as she realized that she could bring laughter to the TV audience. She finally found a sense of self - worth in the entertainment industry. Today, has her laughter found genuine purpose or does it still remain her mask of defense ? 本地女艺人郑荔分,从出道至今在荧幕上一直呈现开心果的形象,因为她圆滚滚的身形大家更为她取了"一大粒"的绰号。不是没痛下过要减肥的决心,但母亲宠爱她的方式就是不断把美食送到她面前,孝顺的她无法拒绝母亲的爱,更习惯以笑声来遮掩内心的不开心。很幸运的,进了演艺圈后她发现自己能带给观众欢笑,于是找到了肯定自我价值的方式,才能逐渐接受肥胖的自己。如今她银铃般的笑声里头,是否已不再是强颜欢笑,而是真心接纳自己后的释然大笑呢?她可有为"身形肥胖"而苦恼过?她又是如何学习"放下"世俗的目光和评论呢?

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