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Money's Here! 妈,你来了

Money's Here! 妈,你来了 - EP10

Once Upon A Time
12 Min

By meWATCH Published: 01 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

Ever heard of winning money through nothing more than just answering questions ! ? Follow our resident aunties, Zi Jie and Ke Le onto "Money's Here ! ", a game show set on the streets in sunny Singapore, open to any bold challenger, young or old ! Each episode features a whole new theme, from mind-numbing tests, to childhood delicacies ! How quick can you answer ? How accurate can you really be ? There's only one way to find out ! 有没有听说过仅通过回答问题就能赢现金的街头游戏!? 快呼吁一家大小收看 “妈,你来了!”,跟随滑稽教主 “梓杰阿姨” 和阳光公主 “可乐阿姨” 寻遍新加坡的大街小巷对路人发出挑战! 游戏不止不分年龄大小,每周还更新新鲜的主题和游戏模式!从让人脑洞大开的题目到回味无穷的童年零食,你能一一把问题解答得多快?多准?

Money's Here! 妈,你来了
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