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Mission Delivery 极件任务

Mission Delivery 极件任务 - EP3

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

When bike-sharing firms pulled out of Singapore, a Myanmar investor bought 10,000 of the brand new bikes that were left behind, and had them shipped to Yangon. If you're curious why he needs so many bikes, then join Alberto in Yangon who's helping to deliver the bikes to their ultimate owners... 我国共享脚踏车,泡沫破裂后,造就了大量的废弃脚车。有一名缅甸企业家买下其中的一万辆,并安排将它们运到仰光。到底他为什么买这么多脚车?让我们随特派员葛凡到仰光去参与整个运送过程,看看最终收件人到底是谁…

Mission Delivery 极件任务
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