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Mission Delivery 极件任务

Mission Delivery 极件任务 - EP2

Gardens By The Bay
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 19 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

More than a million exotic flowers and rare plants are being exhibited in Gardens by the Bay. However, have you ever wondered how they were delivered to Singapore ? In this episode, we will look into the overseas transplantation and delivery project that Gardens deal with in their everyday business. 滨海湾花园园区里有多达150万棵植物展出,其中不少来自海外。但你可曾想过,这些奇花异草是如何被引进到我国的呢?这次滨海湾准备进口一棵百年老树,这项繁复浩大的工程背后,又隐藏着哪些不为人知的艰辛和挑战?

Mission Delivery 极件任务
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