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Mission Delivery 极件任务

Mission Delivery 极件任务 - EP10

Pianos delivery
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

Our final mission is to deliver PIANOS ! Besides being bulky, their delicate structure also poses a huge challenge for delivery. Let's check out the world's largest piano factory to see how pianos are packed for shipment, and what other services is to be rendered upon their arrival at their new home. 音乐家能弹出一首首优美的旋律,除了靠天赋,还要具备好钢琴。这次的极件任务就是要运送钢琴!钢琴体积大,结构精细复杂,要怎么搬运它呢?抵达买主之后,还要提供哪些服务?对钢琴只懂皮毛的特派员葛凡是否能胜任呢?

Mission Delivery 极件任务
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