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Missing 人间蒸发

Missing 人间蒸发 - EP1

South Korea
46 Min

By Channel U Published: 14 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

In South Korea, there are about 600 children under 18 years old, who have been missing for long term. The distressed parents travelled the whole nation distributing flyers and putting up banners, trying everything to find their loved one. However, it was to no avail even after 30 years of searching. 孩子失踪了,怎么办?韩国有大约600个,年龄低于18岁、长期失踪的孩子。他们的父母虽然活在等待和内疚之中,却心存希望的上网、派传单、挂布条,辛苦地找下去。有些家长找了30年、生了病,孩子仍然了无音讯。

Missing 人间蒸发
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