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RAYE PADIT - Misi Gaia

RAYE PADIT - Misi Gaia

4 Min

By Suria Published: 04 Jul 2019 Audio: Malay

A former fashion designer, Raye Padit is the founder of The Fashion Pulpit, Singapore’s first permanent clothes swapping boutique and the country’s one stop shop for sustainable fashion. The Fashion Pulpit, which opened its doors just last year, is now also a hub for events and workshops related to sustainable fashion and upcycling. His initiative has helped to spread awareness on the the problem of textile waste in Singapore, and opened conversation on issues in the garment industry. Fashion guru Raye will show Amyrah how being environmentally friendly can be fashionable ! She can bring in a preloved outfit that no longer fits or is out of style, and have it transformed into something stylish and good as new by Raye.

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