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Mind's Eye 心眼

Mind's Eye 心眼 - EP13

48 Min
Some Violence and Coarse Language;Some Disturbing Scenes

By meWATCH Published: 10 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

Yiwei has been following Jiashu constantly and this makes Jiashu nervous. Jiahe is triggered. Jaihe deliberately returns Ouyang’s handphone to Yiwei. Yiwei realises that Ouyang has died in the hands of Jiahe. He loses control and starts beating Jiahe. During the fight, Sijia finds out the truth behind Jianren’s death and is disappointed with Yiwei. Yiwei is also suspended from work. 奕伟日夜监视着家舒,一直给家舒压力,终于激怒家赫。家赫故意把欧阳的手机还给奕伟,奕伟得知欧阳已死在家赫手中,情绪失控地暴打家赫。两人争执中,也让思嘉意外知道了健仁坠落身亡的真相,思嘉对奕伟感到失望。奕伟也因为这件事而被革职…

Mind's Eye 心眼
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