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Mind Game 心迷

Mind Game 心迷 - EP30

45 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jun 2015 Audio: Chinese

Yong Yan questions An Ni about her pregnancy, leading An Ni to completely lost faith in him and unable to forgive him. A brawl between Yong Yan and Jun Rong causes a fire. The raging and ferocious fire evokes Yong Yan's memories as he finally remembers his true identity. He lost his will to live while he traps inside the fire. Will he be safe from the acrid smokes and tongues of flames ? 勇言质问安妮是否真的怀孕,安妮对勇言已经心死,无法原谅他。文杰与勇言大打出手,引起火患。火势越烧越猛,勇言突然恢复小时候的记忆,终认清自己的身份。被困火场的他却没有了求生意志,他是否能安然脱险?

Mind Game 心迷
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