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Mengejar Mentari S1

Mengejar Mentari S1 - EP13

45 Min

By Suria Published: 16 Mar 2016 Audio: Malay

Irma, a diploma holder, stopped working when her first child is born. Her familys economic situation becomes unstable as her husband, Rahim is job-hopping. As such, Irma and her family stay with her mum, Sapiah. To make ends meet, Irma works part-time by giving tuition and selling scarves online. Sapiah has been married thrice. Sapiah is afraid of the loss of love from men. Her relationship with a younger man, Husin receive objections from her children, Irma and Khairul as they suspect that Husin is after Sapiahs money which she inherited from her late husband. She spends all of her money on Husin. Khairuls education need was not prioritized. Sapiah constantly asks financial help from her sister, Norlela whose husband, Rizuan, often utter derogatory words to her and her family. Rizuan does not like to mingle and mix with Malay businessmen, whom he sees as backward in many aspects and thus, being of no use to him.

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