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Meet The MP

Meet The MP - EP6

The MP and Parking Fines
24 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 19 Aug 2017 Audio: English

Danial learns that appeals to waive parking fines take up most of an MP’s job and is advised by Siva’s prudent council to deal with them using template protocol. Danial is resolute in his principles of dealing with every case personally and tries to investigate the offences only to realize they follow a pattern. It seems like a number of those who committed the offence did so in the name of a dying art; one that Danial too will find himself compelled to save. He learns the hard way that sticking to one’s principles is not an easy thing to do, especially when Yati is served a parking ticket and requests Danial to help waive her fine like any good husband would. Resolution: Danial continues the Ice cream tradition and prevent public from having further parking fines in the community

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