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Math's Island S4 数学荒岛历险记 4

Math's Island S4 数学荒岛历险记 4

Ep39 and Ep40 (Finale)
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

In this new series, Luke and his buddies met a new friend, CODEMAO. They help the residents of the town to solve their problems using the power of programming and mathematics, and the use of intelligence technology changes their lives. 在这新系列,故事讲述罗克和小伙伴们遇到了新的朋友编程猫,大家一起帮助小镇的居民们,使用编程和数学的力量解决问题,让小镇越来越智能化,智能科技改变了人们的生活。

Math's Island S4 数学荒岛历险记 4
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