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Mat Yoyo S1 (The New Generation)

Mat Yoyo S1 (The New Generation) - EP20

23 Min

By okto Published: 01 Jan 2019 Audio: English

Kim plays a game of `Why is this Dangerous ? ’ with Yoyo, Yaya and the audience. She pulls things out of her mystery box and they have to tell her what the things are and why they are dangerous. Why segment - Why is it dangerous to run when your clothes catch fire ? Kim explains what to do when your clothes are on fire. She teaches Yaya and Yoyo to `stop, drop and roll’ in order to put out the fire, and not run. They do an experiment with a candle to show why `stop, drop and roll’ is so effective. Story - `Fanny Saves the Day ! ’ Fanny is a little girl who really wants to be a fire rescue specialist when she grows up. She goes through some home safety rules with her teddy bear and gets an opportunity to put theory to practice when she thinks the house is on fire.

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