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Marry Me Now 一起生活吧 (Dual Sound)

Marry Me Now 一起生活吧 (Dual Sound) - EP1

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 04 May 2020 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Youhe is furious when she learnt that Shengyun throw away the shoes her father, Xiaoxie made for her daughter. Youhe has endured many things from her husband's family for her only daughter, Enxiu. However, she is deeply troubled as Shengyun asks for more. 得知圣云把父亲孝燮做给女儿的新鞋子丢弃,宥荷对他很失望。宥荷为她唯一的女儿恩秀而忍受了夫家很多的事情。 然而,丈夫圣云却要求更多,令宥荷深感困扰。

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Marry Me Now 一起生活吧 (Dual Sound)
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