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Mandarin: At the Crossroad of Realities 华文华语。今天明日

Mandarin: At the Crossroad of Realities 华文华语。今天明日 - EP2

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

Has Mandarin become the common language for Chinese Singaporeans over the past 40 years, since the launch of The Speak Mandarin Campaign ? What is the status of the Chinese proficiency level among the young generations of Singaporean Chinese, in multicultural Singapore ? This forum, led by Senior Minister of State Sim Ann, seeks to examine the status and relevance of learning Mandarin and Chinese today. The forum also aims to offer insights on the usage and future of Chinese language, through panel discussions with education experts, young parents and practitioners in the education and cultural arenas. The forum will be aired on two consecutive Sundays, debuting on 14 & 21 July 2019 at 9pm on Channel 8. Viewers may catch the programme on TV, or through Mediacorp's digital platforms 8world, Toggle, and web clips on fb ch8stories. 华语,经历了40年的讲华语运动,是否已经成为华人“亲切”又“便利”的语言?在双语政策下,新一代本地华人的母语处于什么水平?在多元文化的新加坡,华文华语的现状和未来,总是许多关心华文华语教育者的牵挂。《华文华语 今天明日》论坛邀请了通讯及新闻部兼文化、社区及青年部高级政务部长沈颖,与教育专家、年轻家长和见证华文华语演变的文教界人士,一起探讨如何结合家庭、学校和社会的力量,让母语更有生命力,以回应大环境的需要。节目将在7月14日及7月21日,星期天晚上9点,在8频道播出。观众也可到新传媒旗下的数码平台 《8视界》、Toggle及狮城时事面簿,收看相关视频。

Mandarin: At the Crossroad of Realities 华文华语。今天明日
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