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Love Destiny 天生一对 (Mandarin dubbed)

Love Destiny 天生一对 (Mandarin dubbed) - EP1

42 Min

By Channel U Published: 09 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Being ill-tempered and ruthless, Karaket is loathed by her fiance, Det, and future mother-in-law. Unable to stand the sight of love rival Janwad fawning over Det, Karaket orders her servant to capsize Janwad's boat, but Janwad's maid is drowned instead. 佳拉洁性格暴躁、粗鄙狠毒,并不被未婚夫德特和未来婆婆喜欢。佳拉洁看不惯情敌珍华向德特频频献殷勤,决定采取手段,指使仆人去掀翻珍华的船,导致珍华的侍女落水身亡。

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