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Lion Mums S3

Lion Mums S3 - EP6

47 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 06 May 2019 Audio: English

Reza treads uncharted territories as he secures a new and unconventional job offer. Meanwhile, Durrani is deeply focused with preparation for the Kuartz acquisition pitch with her shiny new thing in the office, Jaden. Zachary raises concerns over some details to Min Yi and Zhong Meng, but is quickly bowled over by the impressive presentation from Durrani and Jaden, who will serve as Kuartz's legal advisors in the acquisition process. Alongside this, Marcus meets up with his ex-Charlestonian friends and partners - but Marcus’ paternal instinct kicks in as he begins to truly appreciate the journey of fatherhood when he spends even more quality time with Kai. At Charleston Primary, the kids are gearing up for the spelling bee, much to Hillary’s and Kai’s delight. But it can only spell trouble for the kids when Miss Sim takes the most crucial role in this selection…

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