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Lion Mums S3

Lion Mums S3 - EP2

Keep Your Teachers Close
47 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 22 Apr 2019 Audio: English

As COO, Min Yi’s new dedication to gear Kuartz up for IPO in two years unsurprisingly causes her to compromise the time that was rightfully meant for Kai. Ferocious as they may be, the Lion Mums continue to struggle with finding their equilibrium with the new changes in their lives. More concerns for her son arise as Chae Lian is haunted and distracted by visitors to her doorway - the divorce letters that flood her letterbox, and when Beng Hian resurfaces to ask about her reunion photos. She shares with Durrani that she cannot afford to jeopardise her relationship with her kids - especially after witnessing that Winston is striking an unlikely friendship with the neighbourhood school ah beng, Spencer. When Winston finally blurts out all his anger on his mother, Chae Lian is forced to decide on an ultimatum - one that she cannot refuse. In the Charleston universe of textbooks and homework, there are more changes awaiting when the new principal, Ms Grace Chiang begins her first major refurbishment of Charleston, and reshuffles the classes and teachers. This causes an upheaval between parents and teachers but will the Lion Mums get their claws dirty and scratch for what’s really happening beyond the surface ?

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