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Lion Mums S3

Lion Mums S3 - EP19

45 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 24 Jun 2019 Audio: English

Mrs Wang is bent on blackmailing Grace into resigning from her post as principal on the count of her apparent ‘clandestine rendezvous’. While an outpouring of gratitude from Charleston parents and teachers occurs, it seems like this might truly mark the end of Grace Chiang’s principal stint. Winston’s hard work with Spencer pays off when the latter achieves the unthinkable in his studies. Winston too considers his future as he comes up with a fantastic invention to level the education playing ground. Meanwhile, Min Yi’s conscience takes a hit when her suspicions on Zhong Meng’s malicious intent increases, and she questions how people – including herself – may have changed dramatically over the course of her career at Kuartz.

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