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Lion Mums S2

Lion Mums S2 - EP18

Growing Pains
45 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 07 Sep 2017 Audio: English

When Durrani discovers that Colonel Hussein will be present a a black-tie event, she decides to attend the event, reluctantly leaving Arina to supervise Nabilah on a school night. Arina determines that her niece is in need of a more balanced education, and sets out to correct what she perceives to be excessive emphasis on academics by her sister by taking her out to play pool. Despite Nabilah’s initial trepidation, she finds herself bonding with her funky Aunt and actually enjoying herself. On the other side of town, Min Yi finds herself called in to help fellow single parent Suresh handle a rather delicate problem involving his pre-pubescent daughter, Sushila.

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