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Lion Moms

Lion Moms - EP2

43 Min
Mature Themes

By Channel 5 Published: 21 Sep 2015 Audio: English

Durrani wants it all. She wants to be the best mother to her daughter Nabillah, the perfect spouse to her husband Reza and to top it all off, she also wants to be made partner at the law firm. Will she be able to get everything she wants or will everything come crashing all around her ? The landlord has put his foot down and Min Yi finally has to accept a new housemate. It doesn’t help that he’s a vulgarity spewing slob. Min Yi and Peng try to get along, but things take a terrible turn when she realises the housemate isn’t who he appears to be. Jennifer knows everything there is to know about being a Parent Volunteer. She’s the one stop advice centre anyone would need to get clued in on the P1 Registration system.

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