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Lion Moms

Lion Moms - EP12

43 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 30 Nov 2015 Audio: English

Marcus walked in on Min Yi kissing Peng and almost got into fisticuffs. Marcus decides to give Min Yi some time to think about their family, but It seemed clearer to Min Yi that Peng was the one. Durrani and Jennifer are stressed out about balloting for Charleston primary, as well as their strained friendship. To make things worse, Jennifer worried about who the father of her unborn child is. Reza had also started coming home late which made Durrani suspicious. Jen and Du realised they can’t do without each other. Friends again, they share their problems and prepared for the balloting together.. Emmy and Eddie decides to take Kai’s future into their own hands by secretly registering him at the prestigious Charleston Primary with the help of Marcus. Meanwhile, Kai fell very ill in the middle of the night and Peng was helpless in the face of a sick child. Min Yi called Marcus who came and sorted Kai out with a nebulizer. Min Yi is grateful to Marcus. Peng has a re-think about breaking up the perfect family that Min Yi, Marcus and Kai could be. Peng decides to do something drastic… As the balloting progresses they receive a call with shocking news.

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