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Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP8

My Superman 我的专属超人 II
14 Min

By meWATCH Published: 01 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Grandpa thinks that Xiao Min Min has stolen money. In a fit of anger, he lets on that her brother is jailed as a result of pickpocketing and dreads seeing Xiao Min Min follow his footsteps. Shocked by the news, Xiao Min Min refuses to believe that her brother's heroic image is simply an imagination of hers. To verify the authenticity of the news, Xiao Min Min leaves home to find her brother. Unable to convince her otherwise, Hero secretly tags along to protect her. Lost in the city, Xiao Min Min meets a lunatic who thinks that he is a powerful villain, the Mouseman. The cowardly Hero finally gathers his courage and saves Xiao Min Min. Surprisingly, Hero's heroic act is recorded by the public and hits the headline. Famous overnight, he becomes the 'hot product' of the rental shop. Xiao Min Min eventually realizes that love is the strongest weapon and thus envisions herself to be a helpful superwoman in the future, just like Hero. 爷爷认定小敏敏撒谎偷钱,气愤之下道出哥哥离家原因是因为偷窃坐牢,爷爷责之切,不希望小敏敏步哥哥后尘。 小敏敏听闻爷爷之说深受打击,却不愿相信对哥哥形象的期望幻灭,离家出走想找哥哥证实。英雄无法劝动小敏敏,只有暗中保护她。 小敏敏毫无方向流落街头,碰巧被幻想自己是老鼠侠的疯汉挟持。一直怕事没用的英雄终于鼓起勇气,上前救小敏敏。 不料,英雄英勇抗敌的那一幕正巧被民众拍下,上了头条,英雄一夜成名,成为店中的热销品。 小敏敏回到现实生活中,发现愛是最强武器,立志长大后也要像英雄一样,当个可以帮人的女超人!

Limited Edition 我是限量版
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