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Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP10

15 Min

By meWATCH Published: 08 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Boss storms out and returns to the rental shop. All the products gather to celebrate Father's Day for Boss, but ends up angering him instead. To conceal his fatherly instincts, Boss refuses to act as Vanessa's father again and thus terminates the contract one-sidedly. Despite Vanessa's multiple attempts to convince him, Boss remains unmoved and causes Vanessa to leave in despair. Unable to withstand Boss' indifference, Xuan Xuan finally reveals that she is the little girl in Boss' family portrait. Even though he is shocked as hell, Boss continues to put up a cold front and rejects all the claims about his past, including the fact that Xuan Xuan is his daughter. On the day of her wedding, Vanessa gloomily puts on her wedding gown. Just as everyone loses hope, Boss suddenly appears… 接上集,Boss怒气冲冲离开,回到出租店,众商品帮Boss庆祝父亲节,Boss被激怒,为了掩饰自己与生俱来的父爱天性,单方面终止合约,即使要高额赔偿,也拒绝再假扮Vanessa的父亲。 Vanessa想要用亲情劝服Boss,但Boss不为所动,Vanessa绝望离开。 媗媗受不了Boss的绝情,终于道出真相,道出自己对Vanessa的遭遇感同身受,原来媗媗就是照片中失去父爱的四岁小女生。 Boss听闻媗媗身世后震惊,但佯装镇定,拒绝承认自己的过去,也否认媗媗是他的女儿。婚礼当天,披着婚纱的Vanessa,一脸愁容,正当大家以为Boss会缺席时,Boss忽然出现……

Limited Edition 我是限量版
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