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Lil Wild

Lil Wild - EP3

The Flamingos Will Rise
10 Min

By okto Published: 04 Sep 2020 Audio: English

The feathers fly when a group of rough Geese encroach on the Flamingo's habitat ! Rara and the crew join forces in an action packed attempt to stop an all out turf war. But will Rara's all action approach belay the bickering birds ? Wobi is set to take part in an aligator right of passage, branching. There's just one enormous problem, how can he pretend to be a floating broken branch when he can't float ? ! Wobi must summon his inner gator to calm his double jointed lungs and quieten his super-brain. But when his hypnotic journey goes aray, someone else returns in his place !

Lil Wild
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