Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound)

Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound) - EP4

55 Min

By Channel U Published: 02 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Taijun and the team lures Yingmin to invest in the Stallion farm when he becomes smitten by Naxin who' posed as an heiress of a rich family. When Yingmin decides to invest all his money in the Stallion farm and wants to look at the ranch in the middle of the night, things become chaotic as the team scrambles to keep up pretenses. 太骏与队友设计娜星为一个富裕家庭的继承人,诱使英民迷恋娜星和投资种马场。当英民决定要将他所有的钱都投资到种马场时,让团队开心不已;可是当英民突然要求在半夜去看牧场时,把事情变得混乱了,让团队一时乱了阵脚。

Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound)
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