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Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound)

Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound) - EP16

Finale 大结局
49 Min

By Channel U Published: 13 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese;Korean

The team is dismayed when Junheng manages to escape from the police. The team starts following Mirae Bio's CEO, Zheng Hanqiu, in the hope of tracking down Junheng. However, the team finds out that Junheng isn't the only one involved in this big plan. 团队知俊亨使计逃脱了警察的缉捕,感到愤怒。他们从未来生技代表郑汉邱那儿着手調查追查俊亨的下落,意外地发现俊亨并不是唯一参与这项宏伟计划的人。

Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound)
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