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Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound)

Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound) - EP1

56 Min

By Channel U Published: 25 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Taijun is a top insurance investigator and is also known as the swindlers' grim reaper. His son is afflicted with severe degenerative lymphocytic leukaemia. To rescue his son, he resigns from his job, buries his conscience and recruits thieves - Nixing and Yisheng to steal information on new drugs...太骏是个顶尖的保险调查员,也被称为骗子的死神。他的儿子不幸患上了严重变形淋巴球性白血病,他知有一种在研发的新药能救治他儿子的病,救子心切的他毅然职去工作,放下良心,招募盗贼娜星、义声,展开了偷取药物资料的计划。。。。。。

Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound)
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