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Letting Go S1

Letting Go S1 - EP5

22 Min

By meWATCH Published: 08 Oct 2014 Audio: English

Jojo is let loose in a Muay Thai ring on Koh Samui Island, where she learns how to punch, kick, defend, and use all her limbs in this Thai martial art of kickboxing. She finds out from the experts how some practitioners have lost up to 20kgs in just 1 month ! She then spends an afternoon with Smitha, a spiritual guru who teaches Jojo some meditation exercises, including the alternate nostril breathing technique to fight stress, insomnia and general anxiety. Finally we bid farewell to Koh Samui in the nutrition segment by meeting San Bao who shares with Jojo, the unusual art of traditional tea ceremony – a practice that cultivates patience and mindfulness. Find out more about Jojo’s travel diary at www.toggle.sg/lettinggo

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