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Letting Go S1

Letting Go S1 - EP2

24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 08 Oct 2014 Audio: English

Following the path of pilgrims, Jojo was in for a spiritual cleansing when she visits the famous Tirta Empul temple in Ubud - renown for its holy water. Jojo has her first taste of the ancient purifying ritual of 'Melukat' where she bathed in the fountains of this holy spring. After that, she checks herself into a five - star private villa, built round a concept of love, luxury and ultimate relaxation. Jojo then undergoes training in the ancient art of stone and woodcarving and then visits the unusual ‘luwak’ coffee plantation to find out what’s the hype behind the world’s most expensive coffee. Find out more about Jojo’s travel diary at www.toggle.sg/lettinggo

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