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Legendary Taste of SiChuan S3 《川味》传奇第三季之《味道的秘密》

Legendary Taste of SiChuan S3 《川味》传奇第三季之《味道的秘密》 - EP4

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

This documentary is regarding on most traditional Si Chuan's dishes. Through shooting lenses, audiences could see the tempting of Si Chuan's dishes, some of the dishes, director need to wait up to one year only could get to shoot, let's follow the images, know more in depth stories of Si Chuan's dishes. 味道是什么?看不见,也摸不着的它,却不神秘,一道美食就能激发出来。 是因为眼前的美食而感知味道,抑或是整个美食过程才生出味道?《川味》第三季不止于美食,更深入厨房、产地,第一手深入记录美食修炼之路。

Legendary Taste of SiChuan S3 《川味》传奇第三季之《味道的秘密》
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