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La Grande Chaumière Violette 紫色大稻埕

La Grande Chaumière Violette 紫色大稻埕 - EP34

47 Min
Mature Content

By meWATCH Published: 27 Aug 2020 Audio: Hokkien

San Francisco, 1980. As 72 year-old Xue-Hu Guo reminisces about her hometown, Dadaocheng, a young man walks towards her from afar. It is Xin-Xong, Yi-An’s son. He has brought a letter from Yi-An, a letter addressed to her. She learns that Yi-An had already passed away last year… Xue-Hu tells Xin-Xong about the 1920’s, when she met his father, Yi-An. Through Xue-Hu’s words, Xin-Xong pictures his father as a young man and gets to know him better. The memories of Yi-An and Ru-Yue’s tortuous love and all the scenes of joy and sorrow during those turbulent times keep coming back to Xue-Hu… That era, those people, the things that happened are things she will never forget… 陈仪宣布「二二八处理委员会」为非法组织而命令解散,不但王添灯被捕,蒋渭川的女儿也在混乱中被开枪打死。即将临盆的彩云为了解救逸安四处奔走,到明月亭找石铭、如月时突然阵痛,在如月和产婆的帮忙下,终于生下幸雄。病中的江父强撑着去找山口社长帮忙……雪湖痛心带来嘉义的消息,身为嘉义市参议员的陈澄波为了民众前往水上机场和谈,竟然被殴打监禁,3月25日在嘉义车站前被枪决……一个时代开始了,一个时代结束了。1980年,幸雄听着雪湖娓娓道来,那年轻时意气风发的父亲突然清晰起来。为什么这么多年来,没有人记得他们的故事?

La Grande Chaumière Violette 紫色大稻埕
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