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Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010)

Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010) - EP7

Free Transportation / Public TransCom
23 Min

By Vasantham Published: 06 Apr 2010 Audio: Tamil

Solved Case - Public Education: ""Free Transportation"". In this episode, we see how police officers' vigilance led to the arrest of those responsible for a series of motorcycle theft. Accused: Nur Muhammad Irwan, 21 / Muhammad Nordin, 23 Solved Case - Police Professionalism and Public Education. Feature on Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) In this episode, we provide an insight into TransCom, set up to ensure the safety and security of the public land transport system and its users, as well as training of TransCom's officers for effective response and management of incidents in the public land transport system. We also see how TransCom's officers arrested a barefooted thief while patrolling at a MRT station. Accused: Muhammad Amir, 25

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