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Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010)

Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010) - EP6

Bogus Photographer / Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles
23 Min

By Vasantham Published: 06 Apr 2010 Audio: Tamil

Solved Case/Police Professionalism: CASE 1 - ""Bogus Photographer"". Do you dream of earning quick bucks and gaining instant fame? In this episode of CrimeWatch, see how the Police tracked down the ""bogus"" photographer who preyed on young females dreaming to be models. Solved Case/Police Professionalism: CASE 2 - ""Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles"". Be considerate and give way to emergency vehicles. Failing to do so may cause you not only a fine and demerit points but more importantly loss of precious lives. See how an inconsiderate driver nearly caused a tragic when he failed to give way to a SCDF ambulance responding to an emergency call.

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