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Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010)

Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010) - EP4

Dead Man Tells No Tales? / Moving ATM
23 Min

By Vasantham Published: 06 Apr 2010 Audio: Tamil

Solved Case/Police Professionalism: CASE 1 - ""Dead man tells no tales ? ” In this episode, we watch how the deceased's tissue became an important piece of evidence for Police to unravel the cause of his death. Accused: Dr Lim, 40s (1980s) Solved Case/Police Professionalism: CASE 2 - ""Moving ATM"" i.e. Taxi Robbery. Through a case, we see how the close cooperation between taxi drivers and the Police managed to lead to the arrest of the robber who described taxi drivers as ""moving ATMs"" within three hours ! Accused: Cheok Chin Chong, 41 (Oct 2009)

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