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Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010)

Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010) - EP2

Whampoa Dr Murder / ICA's E-services
23 Min

By Vasantham Published: 06 Apr 2010 Audio: Tamil

Murder at Whampoa Drive: The Special Investigation Section is one of the premier investigation units in the CID. It's a dedicated unit tasked to solve major and specialized crimes including Murder. In the 2007 ""Whampoa Drive"" murder, the culprit, a teenager, confessed he'd killed the victim, but the confession marked the beginning rather than the end of investigations for the SIS. It was the duty of the SIS to find answers to pertinent questions like ""Did the boy act alone ? "" or ""Was there a Mastermind ? "" Watch how the SIS officers investigated the Murder to make sure no stones were left unturned. Accused: Muhammad Nasir Abdul Aziz, 17 / Aniza Essa, 25 (2007) Public Education: How Immigration & Checkpoints Authority's (ICA) E-services can help you ? Though a case where the ICA arrested a courier for a Malaysian forged card syndicate, we see how we can make use of two ICA's e-services [Identity Card Checking Facility (iCheck) and Verification of Foreigner's Immigration Status (VERIFI)] to check and verify the validity of NRICs and immigration passes.

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