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Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010)

Kutra Kannkaanippu 2010 (Crimewatch 2010) - EP1

Transnational Vehicle-theft Syndicate
23 Min

By Vasantham Published: 06 Apr 2010 Audio: Tamil

Crack down on a Transnational Vehicle-Theft Syndicate In May last year, 30 vehicles reported stolen in Malaysia, were recovered in Singapore. Through close co-operation with the Royal Malaysian Police, the Singapore Police established that the stolen vehicles had been smuggled into Singapore by several transnational syndicates. The vehicles were part of illegal shipping consignments meant for Africa, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. In this episode, we watch how police cracked down on one such Transnational Vehicle Theft Syndicate, in Singapore. Accused: Ng Bak Cheok, 44 / Sim Woei Liang, 26 (July 2009)

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