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King of Culinary 三把刀

King of Culinary 三把刀 - EP9

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

Last week, the battle between two Nonya dishes left sparks in the studio. Will Chef Eric Neo be able to keep his knives intact ? Next up, a challenger specially flew back from overseas to pit her culinary skills against our celebrity chef. And she is using a recipe handed down by her Grandpa. We will also be witnessing the most composed challenger to date. Despite the immense pressure of the competition, she appears to be very much at ease cooking away in our "arena kitchen". 上星期,摄影棚来了娘惹料理高手,令双方的大对决难分高下,Chef Eric Neo能否成功守刀?这一集,民间高手带着阿公的家传食谱,千里迢迢从国外回来,就为了单挑名厨。节目也来了一位泰然自若的民间高手,面对重重压力,她轻松依旧。面对一位又一位实力、耐力兼具的民间高手,名厨们的“守刀之途”是否将变成“送刀之路”?

King of Culinary 三把刀
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