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King of Culinary 三把刀

King of Culinary 三把刀 - EP8

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

Last week, pastry chef Tai Boon Heng came on to the show for the first time. He is a man of few words but managed to leave an impression on the judges with his professional performance. Can Chef Pung keep his knife safe in the face of such a strong competitor ? This week, the aroma of Nonya dishes lingers. Chef Eric Neo is famous for his delectable sauces, but in the face of a challenger who is adept at whipping up Nonya dishes, who will be the final victor ? 上星期,糕饼师傅戴文兴首度登场。他话不多,但表现倒是不俗,令评审赞好。到底Chef Pung能不能保住他的第三把刀不拱手让人?这星期,摄影棚也飘来阵阵娘惹香。Chef Eric Neo很会做酱料可说是众所周知,这次和对娘惹料理了如指掌的民间高手比拼,最终到底会鹿死谁手?

King of Culinary 三把刀
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