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King of Culinary 三把刀

King of Culinary 三把刀 - EP6

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

Culinary expert and homemaker Joanna's Salted Baked Fish poses as a challenge to Chef Eric, who plays his card with his trademark cuisine - Codfish. Judge James seems to be equally mesmerized by the magic of both dishes. Another challenger Kang Hao wheels a luggage into the cooking arena. What magic has he pulled off that makes our judges nod in approval ? Homemaker Jessica has brought aesthetics into the competition ring and touched the judges' hearts with her rainbow agar agar. 三把刀高手个个深藏不露、各有特色!爱烹调的家庭主妇 Joanna以看似简单的鱼挑战偶像Chef Eric, Chef 以拿手的鳕鱼对垒;评判詹姆士点评两人各有魔法,看来胜负难分!另一位高手康豪居然拖了行李箱到赛场,到底带来什么法宝?让评判点头称赞!家庭主妇Jessica把美学带到擂台上,彩虹燕菜先打动评判的心,色彩缤纷摆盘,有惊喜!名厨的三把刀难保了?

King of Culinary 三把刀
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