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King of Culinary 三把刀

King of Culinary 三把刀 - EP2

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

In the first episode, celebrity chef Eric Teo lost his 1st knife. Stay tune to Episode 2 – Candidate Teacher Sim with strong leading skills left a remarkable impression on our chefs ! Did she clinched the 2nd and 3rd knife ? The next candidate, a handsome western food chef. What kind of surprise does he have in his creamy prawns ? Will this spice-master emerge victorious through his spices ? In this ep, Chef Pung is chosen finally, will this experienced chef fall at the hands of our hidden talent ? 第一期名厨Eric Teo 第一把刀失守了!第二期更精彩! 新一轮高手来势汹汹,名厨招架不住了?主导性强的沈老师继续挑战第二把刀,实力让名厨刮目相看!名厨竟然说:没有信心!她第二把刀、第三把刀都稳拿了吗?民间来了个帅哥西餐厨师,以奶油虾挑战,自信满满的他不点名厨,出了什么奇招!另外,香料达人要以香料夺第一把刀?名厨会让刀吗?这一期Chef Pung 终于被点到了!面对,经验老道的他会不敌民间高手?

King of Culinary 三把刀
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