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King of Culinary 三把刀

King of Culinary 三把刀 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 03 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

First time ever on TV - cook off between celebrity chefs and hidden culinary talents ! The first challenger, Zhang Xuebing, is a gourmet blogger who will improvise from a popular Korean cuisine. Which celebrity chef will she pick for her first challenge ? Another challenger, Sim Pek Sheiw, 51, is a tutor who is good in creating her own sauces ! Serving up a dish of Pork Belly received good comments. Lead to a hard flight, will chef fail ? 三把刀浓烈的火药味弥漫!第一次名厨和民间高手在电视上公开对垒!第一位挑战者大有来头--张雪冰,美食博客,磨刀霍霍,呈现了创意韩式料理,第一把刀哪一位名厨被点名?她能够勇夺第一把刀 ? 第二位上阵的补习老师沈碧秀51 岁,是个酱料达人,以五花肉配蝶豆花饭 名厨刀光闪闪 ,他们能够守刀成功吗?

King of Culinary 三把刀
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