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Kembara Kasih S1 (A Journey of Love)

Kembara Kasih S1 (A Journey of Love) - EP4

HANOI, VIETNAM (Urban Poverty)
45 Min

By Suria Published: 18 Mar 2014 Audio: Malay

Dalina witnesses how many street children in Hanoi, Vietnam, make their living on the tough streets of the city. She visits KOTO (Know One, Teach One) centre and discovers that this is a place where they do not just give food to street youths – they teach them what to do with food ! Here, street youths can learn kitchen or hospitality skills and Dalina is inspired by the success story of ex-street youths that went from selling postcards to opening their own restaurants. What about young street children who should be schooling instead of working ? Dalina heads down to a little schooling centre that provides street children a place to have meals and study in a safe environment. Dalina follows one of the street boys down to where he lives in the city, and is surprised to find floating slum houses on the river. She helps to build a simple sand filter that can provide clean water to the slum-dwellers.

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