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Kembara Kasih S1 (A Journey of Love)

Kembara Kasih S1 (A Journey of Love) - EP2

BALI, INDONESIA (Medical services)
45 Min

By Suria Published: 04 Mar 2014 Audio: Malay

Dalina heads over to land of a thousand temples, where karma is believed to be the cause of medical conditions and defects like cleft lip or cataract. Yet, these conditions can be easily corrected with surgery. Together with John Fawcett Foundation, and her fellow Malay volunteer, Izzat, Dalina sets out to convince villagers to accept medical treatment despite their beliefs that this is god’s punishment. She witnesses a young couple make the tough decision to allow their infant to undergo cleft lip surgery, and a grown man who requests for cleft lip surgery despite having lived with it for nearly thirty years. Dalina also organises a game session for a young cleft palate patient to encourage her to open up and make friends.

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