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Katong Miss Oh 加东 Miss Oh

Katong Miss Oh 加东 Miss Oh - EP13

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Jan 2016 Audio: Chinese

To escape from her mum's constant nagging about marriage, the 31-year-old Miss Oh (Zoe Tay) finds a job in a student hostel as a matron. Her ditzy and carefree disposition irks her miserly and stingy boss, Chao Ah Beng (Mark Lee) so much, he often exchanges sparks with her not without much comical results. But much as he dislikes her, Ah Beng bites his lips and puts up with her for the sake of his money making business as Miss Oh has the upper hand when it comes to the students and their oft-rich parents, as she wins them over with her excellent PR skills. Ah Beng, on the other hand, fails miserably when handling his riotous student customers, let alone their demanding parents. The cruch comes when a group of students slip out from the hostel without Miss Oh's knowledge and get themselves in a mess at a pub. The incensed parents order Ah Beng to dismiss Miss Oh immediately for her carelessness. On the other hand, the students plead with Ah Beng not to make their fave matron-cum-friend go

Katong Miss Oh 加东 Miss Oh
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